This new Americana Roots album by Alex Otey is a barnburner with reflections on living in today’s America

New Music of the Americas

A new Romantic Classical compendium with award winning Columbian-American composer and pianist Lenoardo LeSan, famed Argentian pianist and composer Mauricio Charbonnier and guests.

Nominated for Best Children’s album in the 54th Grammys, this upbeat music was premiered at the celebrated White House Egg Roll 2010

Love Matters More

Akademia Music Awards Winner Best Jazz Album
Winner Best Jazz Song for Richie’s Bop   August 2017   UK Song-Writers Contest Semi-Finalist (in Final Round!)
Songs: Richie’s Bop, Happy Days, After All This Time 2017 

Tenochtitlan 1325

All original music spanning decades of work. Fanfare Magazine 2012 Orlando Otey played the piano with panache and considerable skill, reveling in music’s capacity for passionate extroversion as well as lyrical reflection. His compositions reflect a genuine talent, curious about modern trends (but stopping short of atonality) and capable of fashioning diverse influences into a convincing artistic statement. Robert Schulslaper 

Lights Are Always On in Nashville

Exposed Vocals 2015      Overall, this is an excellent E.P. that showcases Amy Otey’s considerable talents as a singer and songwriter… The production and musicianship is faultless and several songs here are potential radio hits, with a commercial sound. There is a warmth and humanity in the songs that people will take to their heart, which is not something you can say about much of modern music. I’m sure that this E.P. will find huge popularity with the public and Amy Otey’s fast rising star will continue in the ascendance.  Alex Faulkner

Love Matters Now

Clouzine Music Awards Best Jazz Album Sept. 2018    Global Music Awards Bronze Medal Winner Jazz with vocals Sept. 2017 

The Chopin of Mexico plays Chopin Vol. 1

Orlando Otey  was a Mexican-born pianist who gave his first concert at age 5 at the Teatro Iris in Mexico City. He became known as “The Chopin of Mexico” at age 14 because his playing and compositions were decidedly romantic in style.    

The Miss Amy Kids Collection

 This popular collection includes:  Underwater 2004 Wide Wide World 2005  My Precious One 2006 and I Wanna Know How It Works 2007

The Chopin of Mexico plays More Chopin Vol.2

 In 1949, Orlando Otey competed as one of three US pianists in the Chopin Centennial Piano Competition in Warsaw, Poland.

Fresh Eyes

Internationally acclaimed pianist/composer Leonardo LeSan’s sophmore release. LeSan went on to take First Place 2019 in the  Golden Key of Vienna international composition competition, and win a 2019 Publishing Award by The Ravel publishing house in Italy for “Hybrid Ballet for Symphony Orchestra.”


Angels Riding Shotgun

The Hollywood Reporter
Miss Amy always made music that kids can rock out to, but what about the adults? Finally, here’s an album for the parents- a smart look at life with messages of finding your way without a road map and using your heart as a guide! Even better: it’s an Americana fiesta you can groove to, particularly the title-song, “Off the Map,” and the country-infused track, “Angels Riding Shotgun.” Perfect for a long drive or a journey into the adult mind! ~ Michele Angermiller