About Us

Alex and Amy Otey have been making music together for over 30 years as producers, artists, and collaborators.  They’ve been active members of the Philadelphia Chapter of NARAS for 15 years and have amassed an impressive collection of praise and accolades for their work including a Grammy Nomination and awarded participants of a Grammy Winning album.


Grammy  Winning 2011 – participants on All About Bullies

Grammy Nominee 2011 – Creator/Producer Fitness Rock & Roll

Grammy Nominee 2010 – participants on Healthy Food for Thought

Winner Akademia Music Awards 2017 – Best Jazz Album Love Matters Now

UK Songwriters Contest 2017 – semifinalist jazz song Richie’s Bop

Global Music Awards 2017 – Bronze Medal jazz album Love Matters Now

Clouzine Music Awards 2018 – Best Jazz Album Love Matters Now

Lehigh Valley Music Awards 2011 – Best Children’s Performer